Transcend or Detach

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In light of Jesus’ resurrection and the spiritual battle for every soul that has ever lived, I have long strived to transcend the trite challenges, annoyances and even deep pains of this life. I was recently convicted that I have often opted to detach rather than transcend. To transcend is to rise above or go […]


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Last weekend I visited my friends Chris and Angela in Flagstaff, AZ to celebrate their church plant’s five year anniversary. They have been through much hardship in those five years, including losing founding members, financial challenges, and much more. But they are still there, and are not going anywhere. They have not given up; they […]


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I used to work for a church. When I traveled for the church it was to attend a retreat, a conference or lead an international trip. Now I work at a business. And I recently went on my first bona fide business trip. Indianapolis to Jacksonville, FL, then Atlanta, GA, then back to Indianapolis, all […]


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When I was 17 I went to Kings Island with my girlfriend of 5 weeks. 17 years later I returned with the same girlfriend and 3 of our kids. Today was a tiny bit of work and a lot of fun. I credit that primarily to a solid marriage choice and pretty amazing kids. I […]

Beef and Guinness Stew

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I have always loved St. Patrick’s Day. No not in for the green beer but for the story behind the man Saint Patrick was ironically not Irish. For more about this amazing man who loved the people of Ireland, check out this video: [vsw id=”fg5ejLGEnZk” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”] So in honor of the holiday, […]


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I sat with David for about an hour yesterday. He has captured the hearts of our team here, but has a literal hole in his own. He desperately needs heart surgery. Albert has spent the last few weeks trying to get David’s family to take him to the hospital, or grant permission for Albert to […]