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When I was 17 I went to Kings Island with my girlfriend of 5 weeks. 17 years later I returned with the same girlfriend and 3 of our kids.

Today was a tiny bit of work and a lot of fun. I credit that primarily to a solid marriage choice and pretty amazing kids. I give 87% of the kids being awesome to my wife, 10% to me, 3% to their teachers and 100% to God’s grace.

So for those still to choose their spouse, or beginning this epic journey of marriage, let me offer this humble yet weathered advice. Be friends, then lovers. In that order. Be on the same page with the spiritual projection and mission of your lives. Be willing to be shaped by your spouse, not just influence. Be full of grace. All the friggin time. And enjoy. Soak. Breathe. Talk. Assume the best and reject the worst. Hang on for dear life and never ever let go.

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