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Last weekend I visited my friends Chris and Angela in Flagstaff, AZ to celebrate their church plant’s five year anniversary. They have been through much hardship in those five years, including losing founding members, financial challenges, and much more. But they are still there, and are not going anywhere. They have not given up; they have stood up.

I was reminded of Psalm 18:25 that says God is faithful to those that are faithful. As I looked around the room last Sunday morning in a coffee shop hosted church service, I saw God’s faithfulness in this church. From the couple with new child that have served in leadership for five years to the young lady that just arrived from Los Angeles. God is telling a story in this community of His faithfulness and love for all people, and it was beautiful to get to see it first hand.

It rains a lot in Flagstaff, but what is unique is that it is almost always sunny, even during the rain. It served as an appropriate metaphor for this young church. Chris and Angela, may God continue to shine through the rain and prove Himself a faithful Refuge for the brokenhearted.

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