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I used to work for a church. When I traveled for the church it was to attend a retreat, a conference or lead an international trip.

Now I work at a business. And I recently went on my first bona fide business trip. Indianapolis to Jacksonville, FL, then Atlanta, GA, then back to Indianapolis, all in two days flat. All expenses paid. I like that last part…

I love to travel. I think it is mostly due to the 62.9% of me that is introverted. I never do more pleasure reading than when I am on a plane. And earbuds full of well chosen music can transcend any travel woes that may befall. Thus, I do not mind flight delays or screaming infants. Seriously.

We all recharge in different ways, and it is hard to prioritize things like solitude when our lives are full of work, church, family, volunteering, etc. But if we do not make it a priority to be in the rhythm of our lives, we will lose perspective, energy, motivation and even peace. Do not wait for your next business trip to sneak in a recharge. I won’t either.

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  1. Good words. I’m still usually not taking enough time for myself. It’s a moving target. Before marriage and especially before kids, I had natural downtime in my life. Maybe too much. But now it’s not going to happen unless I explicitly excuse myself from my duties.

    It seems a little counter-intuitive, taking time away from family in order to be a better father. But if I neglect my own personal space for too long, I get called out for being in a constant funk, which doesn’t help anyone.

  2. Flight delays can be handled when your in no hurry
    But when you have been gone too long
    It doesn’t matter what song
    devastating holdups make my eye sight blurry

    Cool blog Adam.

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