Answered Prayer

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I was reading this morning in Exodus, and was struck by God’s response to Moses praying.  Left and right and are verses saying “God responded to Moses prayer,” and “God did what Moses asked.”  This is amazing and yet normal. Why don’t we expect these kinds of responses from God when we pray?  Is it […]

Who and What

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10:30 am, June 11, 2009 So who am I, and what am I to do? Those are the big questions for me this week. The latter is fairly mysterious, while the first one is more tangible, and I have a better handle for. I think I know most of who I am and who I […]

Final Talk by Fr. Damien

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11:24 am, June 11, 2009 Everybody has their own version of what perfect is, and it messes up the rest of us. The evil in the world is someone else trying to write your story. Don’t impose your world on someone else. We need to let God write each of our stories. You have to […]

Thoughts from Merton

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10:05 pm, June 10, 2009 I’ve been reading a bit from Merton’s New Seeds of Contemplation. It is painful for me at times, re-reading paragraphs and struggling to understand what he is saying. At times it feels like jumbled Zen jargon and is nothing more than words on a page. Other times I break through […]

The Hike

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7:52 am, June 10, 2009 Yesterday a one-hour hike turned into three. It began on paved road that turned to dirt road that turned to forest path that turned to forest. I took my time, enjoying both nature and being an amateur photographer. I took over 100 pictures, and feel confident about 2-3 of them, […]

Listen and Understand

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11:45 am, June 9, 2009 I have not begun to read anything yet, and want to breathe and rest a bit before I engage at that level. I plan to take a long walk after lunch, and take some pictures of God’s creation. I want to soak in this place where so many have heard […]

Southern Sun

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Today, Monday, I got some work done this morning, went with Ramin to his office, and worked some more this afternoon. Later afternoon Ramin and I hooked up with Brad Riley, and discussed iEmpathize, ThereIsEnough, and nonprofit logistics. It was a very helpful conversation, and was encouraging to have Brad’s support and validation. He is […]

Love Wins

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Ramin’s church, Roots, has merged with two other churches here in Boulder and are temporarily being called The Collective. Brad Riley, one of his co-pastors now, initiated and started iEmpathize. They are combating child sex trafficking, and have partnered with Love146 to that end. Sunday night iEmpathize hosted a benefit concert for Love146 entitled Love […]