Answered Prayer

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I was reading this morning in Exodus, and was struck by God’s response to Moses praying.  Left and right and are verses saying “God responded to Moses prayer,” and “God did what Moses asked.”  This is amazing and yet normal.

Why don’t we expect these kinds of responses from God when we pray?  Is it because our prayers are selfish and not on behalf of a people?  Is it because we lack the faith that He will actually answer us?  Is it because we don’t even take the time to pray?

I wonder what would happen if we met with God, talked with God, expected from God the way that Moses did.  Perhaps God is waiting to unleash his goodness in the world until we ask, and submit ourselves to be a part of His goodness being made known.  Who’s in?

One thought on “Answered Prayer

  1. I thought that is what we were supposed to do? I am always amazed however when He answers my prayers. Like what did I expect when I pray? Him not to answer.? I love that He listens to me and stuff. I love that He hears us when we call. And I am so glad that He gets me. jenni

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