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In 2004 I heard Gary Haugen of IJM speak, and God tugged at my heart to live a life of Kingdom Justice. God led me to that moment and awaked my heart to His passion for justice, but my path toward a response was unmapped and unclear.

After years of small steps of obedience, I was ready to dive in deeper into an adventurous life of sacrifice and invite others to begin a journey of sacrifice themselves by partnering with me. So in November 2009 ThereIsEnough was launched.

ThereIsEnough makes food, fresh water, housing, clothing, health care and justice available to those in need by serving as a donation portal to support proven charities who address these basic human needs around the world. ThereisEnough decreases the duration of paralysis that can often lie between conviction and action by clarifying the most critical human needs and providing a simplified means of response. Donations to the site are given directly to the organizations that do the work.

I would greatly appreciate your prayers in this endeavor. If you are interested, please email me at so we can update you with prayer requests.

My responsibilities include overseeing the mission, vision, values, operations, and methodology of the organization; building partnerships; key spokesperson and fundraiser. Having surrendered part of my salary from my church earlier this year, I am now trying to raise support to replace lost income. We hope to have 50 people commit to $30/mo. or $50/mo. to support our administrative costs and my part time salary. Please consider supporting us for a two-year commitment at one of these two levels.

When $25 can feed one meal to 100 people, $14 can supply clean water for a year to three families, $5 can provide 2 pair of sandals to someone with no shoes, we can clearly see how small investments on our end can have massive impact on those who live in poverty. Please join our campaign to address basic human needs globally and show the love of Christ in very tangible ways.

Secure and recurring donations can be made by visiting, click “Give Now,” enter an amount for “ThereIsEnough Administrative Costs” and click “Monthly Recurring.” Donations can be made with a major credit cards or PayPal. If you pay by check, please note “Administrative Costs” in the memo line and mail to ThereIsEnough, PO Box 2245, Indianapolis, IN 46206. All donations are tax deductable. Thank you so much.

Thank you for taking the time to read through this, and for considering supporting me in this endeavor.

Thank you,

Adam J. Nevins

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