Listen and Understand

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11:45 am, June 9, 2009

I have not begun to read anything yet, and want to breathe and rest a bit before I engage at that level. I plan to take a long walk after lunch, and take some pictures of God’s creation. I want to soak in this place where so many have heard from God. The Guest Master, Fr. Damien, was sharing this morning of people that have come here, either to be monks or for retreat, and the many stories of God speaking to His people. The theme of his talk this morning was that each one of us is uniquely made by God. We have been carefully constructed to be the way that we are. And yet, we often get so busy that we do not listen to the One that made us. He compared us to Helen Keller, who was deaf and blind. And yet, she learned to listen, to understand, to communicate, and to achieve. I am uniquely made. Somebody knows me by name, made me, and is talking to me. I need to work hard to listen and understand.

We often have only a Kindergarten faith that tells us to try to be good, don’t commit sin, and then we’ll win the lottery. But the reality is that God and heaven are a mystery that is being revealed, and we should strive to understand. Church has to be an opportunity for understanding, not an obligation.

So I am here this week to listen and understand. I have an earthly understanding; Jesus has a heavenly understanding. I must learn his language and strive to understand what He is saying about heaven and His kingdom.

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