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here are my notes from general session with Marcos Witt: if you have character, you will be a leader. to be a leader, you must have character. I Sam. 16:18 One of the servants answered, “I have seen a son of Jesse of Bethlehem who knows how to play the harp. He is a brave […]

Skill and Devotion

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these are my notes from a breakout session with Paul Baloche: worship leading is a combination of skill and devotion. we have to develop a worship vocabulary. it’s good to be transparent, but we don’t need to dump all our junk every time. some days God just needs us to show up. we don’t need […]

Is This Thing On?

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so i’m at a national conference, on a megachurch campus, in a massive auditorium, with a huge sound system, surrounded by thousands of people, and the host walks onto the stage and says…nothing. the mic wasn’t on. after a sentence or two, it finally got turned up and we could all hear him. good to […]

The Alternate Routes

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If Zach Braff was me, he’d be listening to The Alternate Routes right now. I heard this in Borders tonight with the fam, went home, listened again on myspace, then just had to buy the album on iTunes. It makes me want to go on a road trip. Speaking of which, i’m compiling some traveling […]


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so if you scroll down to my entry last March, you will see how excited i was to get my first Trace Elliot guitar amp. since that, i got two and run them stereo. then i had friends tell me i had to get an all-tube amp. after much research and a desire to stick […]

Police vs. Sting

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So i’m driving today and the Police’s “Roxanne” comes over the radio. At first, i’m wondering if someone is covering it, because the vocal is SO HIGH. after a few seconds, i’m like, nope, this has to be the Police. Stellar tune. But it reminded me of the Musically Elite that claim that the Police […]