The Alternate Routes

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If Zach Braff was me, he’d be listening to The Alternate Routes right now. I heard this in Borders tonight with the fam, went home, listened again on myspace, then just had to buy the album on iTunes. It makes me want to go on a road trip.

Speaking of which, i’m compiling some traveling playlists because…we are weeks away from going to India to get our adopted son, David Shan. My wife, Christin, has been keeping updates of the progression leading up to this on our adoption blog:

I had a good day today. You know those days where you are productive at work, on top of things instead of under things, have fun with family instead of exhausted, smile instead of sigh, yeah, that was my day today. And i can feel that way even when i’m planning to NOT get an iPhone. There must be a God…


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