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so my wife and i are about a year into this whole international adoption process, and we got a letter in the mail a couple weeks ago saying that our dossier is finally complete and we are ready to be assigned a child. the letter goes on to point out that a child assignment typically takes 8-12 months, and then paperwork is processed through the courts in India, which takes 4-7 months, and then we can go pick up the child. great. another year of waiting.

then, later that DAY, we get a phone call from the adoption agency, and they have a boy to assign to us. they email us a picture and a 25 page medical document. he was born premature, and was under 4 pounds. he had a hernia, then hernia surgery at 2 months old. he’s had various medical issues and we’ve spent the last 2 weeks or so sifting through it all, asking doctors in the US questions, emailing and faxing doctors in India questions, and trying to figure out what to do. at this point, we have all the information we could possibly get, and yet there are still unknowns, as there will be in any international adoption.

my wife and i have both been very encourage by a story of trust in John 4, in the bible. it is about this government official who approaches Jesus and asks him to heal his son, who is close to death. Jesus tells him, “You may go. Your son will live.” Taking Jesus at his word, and likely having no other choice, the man journeys back home, and is met halfway there by people that work for him. they tell him that his son is better, and tell him what time of day the fever left him. the man realizes that it is the exact time that he spoke with Jesus.

i really feel that God has told us to go. i don’t know what is at the other side of this journey, but i trust God. Mostly. i have my moments of doubt, but for the most part i am confident that God’s desire for our family is at the other side of this journey, and i look forward to bringing our son home soon.

if you are a friend, or simply feel compelled, please pray for us, primarily that we will be able to raise the funds quickly enough to complete this process in 4-7 months. we had budgeted for another year, so we are filling out grants left and right. please pray that God will provide. thank you.

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