Trick or Un-Treat

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So i shared this in church last sunday…but if you weren’t there…

a week ago i got to visit another church nearby, and it was a decent experience. our kids (two little girls) liked the children’s program. basically because they walked out with paper bags full of candy. to a kid, that’s a some good sunday school!

so on the way home they ask if they can eat the candy and we let them have one piece. then my oldest asks if she can give away her candy to our neighbors when we got home. as my eyes welled up, i gave a confident “yes.”

we got home and my wife put our youngest down for a nap. i grabbed the hand of our youngest, and we went door to door offering free candy from her bag. at one older lady’s house, we had a unique experience. the lady was pleasantly surprised, grabbed a piece of candy that she said was her favorite, and then told us to wait as she went back into her house. when she returned, she had candy for my daughter, and boy, did her eyes light up. she had come to be a blessing, and was unexpectantly blessed.

my daughter did not give in order to get more in return. nor was she concerned about running out of her own candy. holding daddy’s hand, she was confident that she could give and not worry about her needs. dad would make sure that she was taken care of. and that freed her to gladly and freely give.

my daughter taught me that day about trusting in the love of God, and being empowered to freely and joyfully give as a result of it.

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