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so my birthday is on Sept. 21. and what does everyone my age want for their birthday? why, an iPhone of course. it’s only $500 for technology 5 years ahead of its time. and face it, it’s gorgeous and intuitive. it is the quintessential gadget of my generation. well, at least this year…

and yet i am conflicted. the day of my birthday a movie comes out called Trade. It is about human trafficking and the sex trade. i actually already saw it at a pre-screening, and it is a difficult movie to watch, and yet is but a glimpse into this aspect of the darkness in this world.

fortunately i am encouraged to know that people like Gary Haugen exist. Gary runs IJM, International Justice Mission, and they battle injustices around the world, including the sex trade and human trafficking. i met Gary about a year ago, and have been inspired by the work IJM does. i’m pretty sure that if i was a lawyer, i’d turn my life upside down to go work for them. but alas, i play guitar…

so as much as i’d like an iPhone on my birthday, i’ve got a better idea. help me raise at least $500 for IJM to fight injustice.

simply go to IJM’s site and specify an amount of donation. Please put “in honor of Adam Nevins’ birthday” in the comments section on the give page. You can also mail checks to IJM at PO Box 58147, Washington DC 20037, with a short note saying “in honor of Adam Nevins’ birthday.” This will allow us to track how much was donated and know if we hit the $500 mark.

thanks so much for being part of something bigger than you and i.


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