Review: Klipsch S2m Earphones

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One of the best Christmas presents I got last December was a pair of Klipsch S2m earphones.  I’ve been using them for a few months now, and I don’t know that I’ll ever use other earphones again with my iPhone.  Klipsch tends to make quality products for sure, and this is no exception.  The audio […]

Food, Video and Links

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So against her better judgement, my wife just made me Scotch-A-Roos yesterday. If you are not familiar with said treat, it is like rice crispy treats on steriods. And chocolate on top. Check our the recipe here. Now, had i found Gawker software earlier, I would have done a video of her baking it. This […]

The $50 iPhone

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i’ve wanted an iphone since before they came out. i mean, who hasn’t? but $400-500 for a phone? crazy… so i patiently waited for the right time, the right moment to pull the trigger for the least amount of coin. and it just came. last month, my wife and i switched from sprint to at&t […]

iPhone or IJM

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so my birthday is on Sept. 21. and what does everyone my age want for their birthday? why, an iPhone of course. it’s only $500 for technology 5 years ahead of its time. and face it, it’s gorgeous and intuitive. it is the quintessential gadget of my generation. well, at least this year… and yet […]