God is Sparkle

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“God is sparkle!” my 4 year old daughter announced. “Lord of the sparkles!”

These were the words to her impromptu worship song as we drove home this evening. It’s cute when kids sing from their heart to God, but as i heard these words, i was struck by their wondrous and mystic nature. Modernity has taught me that God wears a suit and tie and is to be respected. Baby-Boomer seeker-sensitive churches have taught me that Jesus is my buddy, my copilot, my wing-man. The Post-Modern Emergent movement has taught me that God is organic, mystical, magical, and mysterious. So i desire to distance myself from all these groups out of fear that they have gone to extremes. But what if God is in fact Holy, Friendly, and Mysterious? What if, when He hears “Lord of the sparkles,” He turns his head and says, “Yes?”

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