Skill and Devotion

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these are my notes from a breakout session with Paul Baloche:

worship leading is a combination of skill and devotion.
we have to develop a worship vocabulary.
it’s good to be transparent, but we don’t need to dump all our junk every time.
some days God just needs us to show up.
we don’t need to rate our worship based on our emotions.
God needs pastors and shepherds more than guitar players.
conversation – how do we build a bridge of trust? how would you talk to someone in your living room?
go through the psalms and note all the exhortations and translate them into normal speak.
“Lord, at the risk of being boring, help me to just be myself.”
ask yourself, what is my primary gifting? don’t try to do it all yourself.

take 30-60 minutes and turn on the sound system in the sanctuary and just worship and confess and pray. just take some songs in the same key and worship.
as you pray, pray lines from songs. Col. 3:16.
if we want our people to deepen their worship, then we have to as well.

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