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so if you scroll down to my entry last March, you will see how excited i was to get my first Trace Elliot guitar amp. since that, i got two and run them stereo. then i had friends tell me i had to get an all-tube amp. after much research and a desire to stick with Trace Elliot and the killer Vintage Celestion speaker, i found the Trace Elliot Velocette. a very small amp. 10 inch speaker, only 15 watts, a volume nob and tone nob, and 4 tubes. and a LOT of noise. i have never heard something so small make so much noise since my first child was born. amazing. i plan to stay up all night playing it. it has so much…punch.

i know this is a very small and maybe even trite thing to be excited about, but sometimes you have to find glee in the little things of life, and allow yourself to have fun.

back to loud…

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