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i play a little drums. not a lot, but a little. i own two drumsets, and have fooled around over the years. a couple weeks ago, i got to play drums with a metronome. i was intimidated at the thought, and was sure i’d be terrible at it. what i found was a bit surprising.

i found the metronome to be comforting. that was the surprise. i tend to speed up when i play a fill, but the metronome kept me from doing that. it was so nice being told exactly what the tempo was, and i didn’t have to figure out whether to go faster or slower or stay the same; the metronome let me know. i knew i was playing at the right speed when i was in step with the metronome.

in my life right now i need a metronome. i feel like i’m doing a fill, and i’m speeding up. next thing you know, i’ll be covering Rush. i’d rather relax, but there is much to be done. but even in the midst of business, there must be time allocated for dancing with my girls in the living room, for reading the Bible, for talking with my wife. i’m working to keep that balance, and listening closely for that metronome…

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