Police vs. Sting

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So i’m driving today and the Police’s “Roxanne” comes over the radio. At first, i’m wondering if someone is covering it, because the vocal is SO HIGH. after a few seconds, i’m like, nope, this has to be the Police. Stellar tune. But it reminded me of the Musically Elite that claim that the Police were incredible, and that Sting’s solo career leaves much to be desired. (older men that primed in the 70’s also often hold this view) I gotta tell you, i dig the Police, but man, were they holding Sting back! Since he left, i think he’s done some of the most interesting things musically that never would have happened with the Police. So while i’m all for the Police, i’m more for an unleashed artist that has explored Calipso, Jazz, Rock, Pop, Funk, R&B, all the while maintaining radio-friendliness, and writing some of the best songs we’ll ever hear.

i’m just sayin’…

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