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Breakout Session: Songwriting with Chris Tomlin

Songwriting is a craft. You can get better at it.
Worship is our response to God for Who He is and what He has done.
Songs have to be written as that response.
What makes a great worship song?

  • Theology. We are teaching people what they know of God. Col. 3:16. Run your lyrics by pastors and theologians to test accuracy.
  • Melody. Singability.
  • Clarity. Try not to put every single thing you know about God into each song. Can you easily summarize the song? Does each part of the song point to the same thing?
  • Stirring of the soul. Music is emotional.

Worship songs cannot be manufactured. It has to come out of a deep relationship and response to God.
Be a lighthouse vs. a flashlight. Try to draw everyone in.
What are your songs doing?
“How do I get my songs heard?” – Not the right question. Songs don’t come from a business plan.
Secret weapon: cowriting. Be vulnerable and humble.


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