General Session with Gordon MacDonald

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You may not want to read this one. It was very impactful for me, but also disturbing. Particularly when he walks through the issues of each generation, and you can see the life issues that will lie in your future. It was a powerful reminder of the importance of knowing our people and making the most of every opportunity to lead them.

As worship leaders, we are pastors.
Acts 20. Take heed and care for the flock.
Ps. 93.
Our call is to bring people into the presence of God.
What do you know about your people? You need to have a listening ear.
Our people want to hear of grace, hope, and feeling that they can be a new person.
No one should ever leave a sanctuary without hope.
In order to lead this way, you have to know the people.

We need to know what issues are on the minds of all generations in my church:

Who am I and how am I different form my family members?
How will I spend my life?
Am I really capable of loving anyone all my life?
What will guide my life?

How do I cope with all the demands on my life?
Why is there such a gap between my intentions and what I do?
Why do I feel like I can never please anyone?
What’s happened to all my friends?
Is a spiritual life really possible?
Why do I feel so impatient?

What happened as a child that formed me? Why the sadness, anger?
Why are a lot of people I grew up with doing better than me?
Why am I so disappointed in me?
Why are there so many uncertainties in life when I used to be so certain?

Why is time moving so fast?
Why is my body so unreliable?
How do I deal with the accumulation of failures?
Why do many young people feel that I am obsolete?
Why can’t I stop being stubborn and not open minded?

When can I stop doing the things that defined me?
Why do I feel separated from the rest of the population?
Do I have a spiritual legacy?
Is there anything left for me to accomplish?
How will I die and how soon?

70s and 80s
Does anyone know who I once was?
Why this nagging irritability?
When I die will people miss me?
Is God really there for me?

These are the questions people are asking when they come on Sunday. How will it affect the way I lead? How will we pastor people?

The night before Bonhoeffer and his cell mates died, he led them in worship. They sang a few German hymns, and he gave a message of hope out of Isaiah.

If I had one more Sunday before I died, how would I lead?

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