Caring for Volunteers

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This session was very laid back. Laura and Eric are both on staff together at Perimeter Church in Atlanta, and i think Jason was the worship pastor there before them, and has since relocated.

Caring for Volunteers with Laura Story, Jason Sears, and Eric Gilbert

(Laura works every other week, which allows her to still play out.)

As worship leaders, we can tend to see our volunteers as a resource, not as souls we are responsible to nurture.

Why do we invest in volunteers?
God calls us to. “Shepherd my sheep.”
I am to take the lowest place. To serve my volunteers.

Eph. 4:11
Matt. 28:20

How do we invest in our volunteers?

1. Spiritually.

  • We can have monthly teams meet weekly as a house church. Could have a “pastor” or “shepherd” in each team. Meet individually with each member on the team at least once every 6 months. The more teams connect spiritually, the more sweeter the worship time is.

2. Relationally.

  • Spider webs instead of wagon wheels (with worship pastor as hub). Build community within the team. Have events where entire families can interact. Be intentional. Everyone eats lunch… Put team members birthdays on my calendar.

3. Musically.

  • Suggest CDs to people. Suggest concerts. Invite guest artists in. speak the truth in love. Have auditions. Encourage experienced musicians to mentor less experienced ones. Be very prepared with your music before rehearsal. Learn to speak drums, guitar, etc. Start and stop rehearsal on time. Meet with musicians before they audition.

Zech. 4:6 by the SPIRIT.

After hearing from all these voices at this conference, ask God what HE wants me to do.

Maybe before rehearsal, lead a worship devotional, teach about worship, etc.
Have a worship team covenant that everyone signs.

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