Back In Time

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10:25 am, Dec. 12, 2009 Have you ever been in an altercation and witty articulation eludes you?  15 minutes later the perfect comeback is evident, but in the moment you are so clouded by emotion and passion that you stand silent and stunned.  Or worse yet, you mumble something an 8 year old would come […]

Weekend in Boulder

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4:04 pm, July 5, 2009 We’ve been in Colorado for about a week now, and have spent the weekend in Boulder. It has been great to have some family time with the Razavi’s, and we are staying at Michael and Laura Collins’ house. They are gracious and mellow hosts with a beautiful house on the […]


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12:10 am, June 10, 2009 I think I have been on a road of transformation the last year or two, and because I am at the beginning of this journey, I haven’t known how to talk about or process it. This week God is giving me language for it. The conviction I am experiencing is […]


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10:00 am, June 10, 2009 Fr. Damien, the Guest Master, held a conference this morning at 8:30, and had some great insights on identity and our weaknesses. Here are my notes: We need to admit that we have weaknesses so that we do not cast aside others with weakness. Everybody has a defect. If I […]

Presence and Prose

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11:20 am, June 9, 2009 I got up this morning just in time for breakfast. In the main dining area, they play tapes of sermons and book readings. I chose to eat in the side dining room by myself in silence. As I sat there, a monk, (I presume to be the chaplain), approached me […]

Day One: The Ride

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10:45 am, June 9, 2009 Monday morning began slowly and comfortably.  I had to finish dealing with some lingering details and pack, but there was no rush.  By 10:45 I was packed, had rigged my bicycle panniers to the motorcycle with bungee cords and optimism, and was ready to ride. After hitting the road, I […]