Weekend in Boulder

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4:04 pm, July 5, 2009

We’ve been in Colorado for about a week now, and have spent the weekend in Boulder. It has been great to have some family time with the Razavi’s, and we are staying at Michael and Laura Collins’ house. They are gracious and mellow hosts with a beautiful house on the side of a mountain above Boulder. The view from the back porch is amazing. I keep taking the same picture every day as if God were painting a new picture in the mountains and sky each time.

We will attend church at Origins tonight, which is actually the first time I will have attended Ramin’s church in the four years he has been out here. I’ve just always visited during the week it seems. I get to join in leading worship with the team tonight, which should prove a breath of fresh air to my soul. It will be a different context for me, doing lots of free form Enter the Worship Circle songs with Aaron Strumpel and others, including ex-Common Ground rock star Natalie Razavi.

Ramin and I have had some good conversation about church and various philosophies of ministry, including Institutional Church vs. Organic Church, House Church vs. Community, and more. I always feel encouraged and sharpened by our conversations, and am glad and excited to hear him talk of the health and mission of the church here. It is good to have kindred spirits.

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  1. Hover and Truth Evermore have both played on my pc in about 20 minutes. I’m glad to hear that it’s going well out there… just be sure you come home.

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