Justice and Worship Collide

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Breakout Session:
Justice and Worship Collide in the Psalms and The Implications for Modern Worship
with Elizabeth Jones (Food for the Hungry)

It is in your household that you tend to really grasp things as a child.
The Psalms were not just read, but sung.
Most of the Psalms were written by people that were suffering.
Ps. 101:1
Book – The Message and the Music
The message of all 77 of the top worship songs from 1989 – 2005 lack anything about justice.
Ps. 5 and 7 – protection, refuge, deliverance from enemies
Ps. 6 and 13 – cry for help
Ps. 10 and 12 – don’t forget us
Ps. 94:1-11
A lot of the songs/Psalms are prophetic.
Worship leaders are to be prophets.
Amos 2 and 5.

“Justice” is not a noun, it is a verb.
Ps. 23
How can we sing about justice if we do not live it?
Micah 6:8
Justice is about righting relationships.
Mercy is not getting what we deserve.
(good justice songs – Did You Feel the Mountains Tremble, and God of Justice by Tim Hughes)

Elizabeth Jones
Elizabeth Jones

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  1. here i am again… i am going to India with a team from my church… it’s called “The Justice Team”. Goodness! Email me dude, we need to link up! LOL! Peace and thanks again for posting.

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