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On Aug. 5 an idea was birthed. Since that day I have been doing research and processing with many advisors to make that idea a reality. I am currently flying on a plane to Denver to seek further counsel. It has been an exciting process, and I am looking forward to finalizing much this week.

The reason I am on a plane today is because about a month ago I had a phone conversation with my old friend, Ramin, who planted a church in Boulder, CO. As we spoke about church and God’s Kingdom coming in this world, we discovered that while we have lived apart from one another for about 4 years, we are on a similar spiritual formation path. Ramin and a fellow pastor and some others are implementing an idea similar to my own. So by the end of the conversation, Ramin insisted that I come to Boulder for their launching weekend. That night as Christin and I processed the possibility, she simply stated, “You have to go.” The very next morning I received permission and blessing from my boss to make the trip, and amazingly booked a $95 round trip ticket. It has been a providential experience, and I’m not even in Boulder yet. To remind me of God’s provision and hand in all of this, I stepped into line at the airport this morning to be greeted from an attendee from my church, and a gentlemen from India. He and I had a delightful conversation about India, from the culture to languages to my friend who lives there to my son who is from there. He was very polite, and has been in the States for 13 years, but misses home. I told him how I had just had some of my milk tea from India a few days ago and he knowingly smiled.

As I fly out of Indiana to Colorado, I am listening to a “Boulder” playlist of earthy, Boulderyish artists, like Donnie Mortimer, Griffin House, Andrew Osenga, Glen Phillips, The Alternate Routes, Glen Hansard, Elliot Smith, and Nick Drake. The song that Murph and Matt and I wrote about rode trips just came on (10 and 2). It seems very appropriate. (“Colorado’s rushing by, like a West bound wind”)

A wonderful benefit to the timing of this trip is that I will be able to attend my friend Marc Lohse’s wedding today. I am so excited to see him and to be present as he begins his life with Maura. Marc is one of those guys who exudes the joy of the Lord, even though he has had his share of hardship in life. God’s light shines brightly in darkness, and overcomes the darkness. You can easily see the light in Marc’s life and eyes.

So here I go, embarking on what I am sure will be a life changing week. I hope to finalize some big decisions this week, meet one of my favorite artists, process with old and new friends, and hone the vision God has granted.

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