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Hey all, sorry it’s taken me a while to finish posting my notes from the worship conference i attended in Austin. I’ve typed them all up and will be posting the remaining notes all this week.

This particular session featured a very interesting gentleman and his church keyboard player. The Bishop is an elderly fellow, but the brother can SANG. His keyboard player would play underneath him as he shared endearing stories with moral and applicable themes, and occasionally the Bishop would break into song, making up lyrics as he went along. Sometimes the cheddar from the background music would be a bit over the top, and the Bishop would laugh and glance over at the keyboardist. You could tell that they were good friends and had done this many, many times. And yet the musician laughed at every one of the Bishop’s jokes, and some that weren’t. Needless to say, it was hard to take notes, but here are a few things i gleaned from the conversation:

Nothing happens in the Kingdom of God without words.
Words change worlds.
Heroes are not born, they are cornered.
Luke 1:26-40
Nothing is impossible with God. We just have to say yes.
When you experience a wonderful thing in your life, don’t talk to people who don’t know wonderful things. (don’t let pessimists drag you down)
Every truth in Scripture is tried.
When God shuts a door, He opens a window. But the hallway is hell.
The water to wine story… God always saves the best for now.
What did Jesus have in mind when he made 180 gallons of wine?
Ain’t no party like a Holy Ghost party…
What do we need to ask Jesus to do so the Father will act?
Mary is persistant.
We need to step on the accelerator of faith.

The Bishop
The Bishop

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